Cashkeeping what is that ?

What is the cashkeeping mode in Economy 4G3W ?

Cashkeeping is the stade of all 10€ parcel of personalized money webpowered in Economy 4G3W (that maded by the addition of the 3 economics action (save, spend, invest) + the results of the new personal economic action of the money datevaluation) .
The practice of the money datevaluation is coming by 1 mainly reason :
People prefer to keep cash. You prefer your cash free and at your hand and me too because we never know the future at 1 latter moment.
The problem was that you could not save and invest the same money at the same moment. Because the Classic Economy running with this idea that you need to take a risk and invest in order to purchase of plusvalues creation. And because of the risk to loose, you and me, we could not go up with our economic life.
Now with the money datevaluation by webcashmotor, your cash go into the web 10€ each 1 parcel of “owndated webquantum“. Because your cash is now a fusion of your 10€ saved by your person at the web date of your datevaluation.
And you make the results that o need :
Your cashkeeping mode for calling your cash in your own active savings when you want ;
Your OW property registered as your own dated parcel of “stock’in own time” ;
Your cash results and webcashmatic plusvalues concerned by your web_marked_space.
So in the new Economy 4G3W that by Mousephone, you get personalized money and you go to the personalisation for the bank-finantial fonctions.


My webcashfishing place

- Is your cash fished ?
- Yeah, but in my selfmarked space.

Look, touch & feel the mountain of production factors at your free disposal in the webspace.

Very often you get for free the utility of e-mails, webpages, uploads, blogs, search engines, RSS, you may develop now your own Webcashmotor.

This softdevice is like a money pipeline between live quantums tagvaporated from the web and for your pocket, for your economic life.

Now your Webcashmotor webware is waiting for you. Because it will be running as soon as you "Log IN" your webcashfishing position.

- Yes but first of all I must "put-some-marked-cash" and then my pocket its going, isn't it Bernie ?
- Yeah you are right, but dont be confused. Because in datevaluation process as a
Datevalors, you go to "call-more-cash-than-puted". At any time.
Datevaluation is just the first investment's substitute. But when you datevalue some money, you go 100% in security for webmatic plusvalues. Because your condition is :

- Cashkeeping and riskfree so i can do my own bank and my own finance। I prefer like this.

Remmenber that your Webcashmotor is waiting for "His master's voice".
Mousephone 4G3W is a brain sensitive device, because bio_phone is directly under_your_skin. Like a down_patch put & call linking money. Yeah for you too.